Royalty Owner Program

This program is designed for existing and prospective royalty owners who want to acquire the knowledge and skills to manage their mineral assets as a business rather than as mailbox money. No prior knowledge and experience in minerals management is required. The instructor is an experienced oil & gas attorney who works closely with royalty owners in managing their assets. He teaches the basic skills that royalty owners must possess to level the playing field and interact effectively with operators to maximize the return on investment in their mineral assets.

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Glen Webb, MBA, J.D.


One Day Course: $550
Both Courses: $1095

Course 1

The Foundations of Minerals Management

  • Importance of the Royalty Owner in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Establishing a Good Foundation
  • Getting Organized
  • Basic Energy Law
  • Property Rights
  • Royalty Interests
  • Mineral and Surface Estates
  • Land Survey Systems
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Course 2

Leasing the Mineral Estate

  • Importance of the Oil & Gas Lease
  • Major Lease Clauses & Negotiating the Lease
  • Post Production Expenses
  • Surface Use & Damages Agreements
  • Horizontal Drilling & Allocation Wells
  • Division Orders & Post Lease Requirements
  • Payment Review & Production Verification
  • Eminent Domain & Condemnation
  • Accounting & Taxation
Friday, December 11, 2020

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