The Royalty Owner Institute (ROI) is organized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  This means that ROI is dedicated to serving the public interest by educating and supporting royalty owners in Texas and the U.S.  ROI is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of experienced royalty owners who have attended the programs and want to advance the interests of all royalty owners.  The Board makes major decisions and oversees the staff to make sure that ROI remains true to its mission of educating and serving royalty owners.

ROI has received approval from the Internal Revenue Service to become a public charity which allows us to accept donations from participants and others who want to partner with us in reaching our goals.

The donations will be used to accomplish four major goals going forward.

  1. Education – expand the curriculum of high-quality educational programs designed specifically for current and future royalty owners and their families. The programs are designed to provide royalty owners with the knowledge and skills to manage their mineral assets as a business so they can maximize their royalty income.
  2. Online Programs – develop and deliver a curriculum of online programs that are available to royalty owners who cannot attend the live programs for a variety of reasons.
  3. Social Media – the environment of the Oil & Gas industry is constantly changing and royalty owners must stay current on new and important developments. We will develop an online library of current resources for royalty owners to help them stay informed. We will also develop a blog to communicate changes that impact them.
  4. Sustain the Programs – continue the Royalty Owner Programs into the indefinite future so that younger generations can be educated in managing family mineral assets and be well prepared to take over the management of these assets when the time comes.

If you have attended one or more of our programs and believe that you received significant educational value, then we will be honored to have you join with us by donating to the ROI.

Please contact us at (800) 255-1261 or for more information on how to donate.