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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 virus and associated governmental guidelines, we are postponing our 2021 programs until further notice.

Make the investment that pays off in higher royalty revenue.

Most people who attend a training program view it as an expense because they have to pay the tuition and take time out of their normal lives. We want to convey the idea that the participants in the programs are making an investment in their mineral management business that will have a positive return on this investment (higher bonuses and royalty payments). Said differently, the tuition, travel, hotel, and time to attend a program is an investment that pays off in a positive ROI.

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Energy, Renewables & Economic Trends

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Don't take our word for it.
Take theirs.

"I cannot thank you enough for such an outstanding three days. Glen Webb is by far one of the best teachers and I enjoyed my time with my fellow classmates. Dr. John Baum, what a true professional who I enjoyed talking to and learning from. This program is a must for anyone who has royalty positions!"


"The instructors were well-prepared and so knowledgeable of every aspect of the oil and gas industry, locally and worldwide. Their knowledge provided so much perspective on planning for the future, as did their teachings on how to structure leases, what industry terminology means, current case law, historical precedent-setting, how to run royalty ownership as a business, and when to seek professional legal advice, just to name a few 'WOWS'! I wholeheartedly URGE, not just recommend, every royalty, mineral and surface owner, whether large or small, take these courses! Here's to you and the Institute for helping us keep oil and gas great in America!"

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